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Excellent Stuff!" -CJ K.

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The Fundamentals of

Great Amp Tone!

Any tube amp, any modeler, these concepts will change your tone, for the better!

Understanding how to get a "good" sound out of your amp, either analog or a modeler, is a necessary foundation for every electric guitar player.

The Amp course is designed to give you the skills to dial in the perfect tone on both analog tube amps, and the latest modelers.

You will gain a true understanding of how signal flow in amps works, which in turn will give you total control to dial in just the right tone, for any situation.

The concepts in this course are universal and future-proof!

You will be able to quickly dial in:

✅ Great Clean Tone

✅ Perfect Edge of Breakup Tones

✅ Incredible Overdriven Tones!

The Amp Course also includes a PDF breakdown of terms so you can have an easy grab-and-go reference.

Get Perfect Tone!

Included in the course:

-Easy to Understand Lessons

-Downloadable PDF Resource

-Stream from your computer or watch it on the go with the Teachable iOS App!

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