Fretboard Fundamentals | Slide Guitar

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Designed to get you playing slide fast!

Adding slide guitar to your repertoire can make you a much more versatile and desired player.

Designed to go through in just a few sittings, this course is perfect for guitarists that are just getting into slide guitar as well as intermediate players that may have a gap in their slide knowledge.

We will cover the most essential parts of playing slide including tones, licks, and chord voicing, including ways to approach the open E tuning, so you can play tunes you already know and love.

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Become a more versatile guitar player with Slide Guitar.

Included in the course:

-15 Easy to Understand Lessons

-Downloadable PDF Resources

-Backing Tracks

In addition, this course was built on Teachable, which means you can download the Teachable app and watch this course on the go!

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