The Fundamental Knowledge You Need

to Play Over a 1-4-5 Blues

"Rhett gets it. He is teaching what matters most to help you become a better guitar player" -Steve B.

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Gain The Skills and Knowledge You Need To

Confidently Play Over 1-4-5 Blues

Designed to be taken in just 1 or 2 sittings, this mini-course will establish your foundations of the 12 Bar Blues in just 60 minutes!

We will cover both the traditional 1-4-5 Blues in Major Shuffles and Minor 6/8 Feels.

The 12-Bar Blues Survival Guide will:

✅ Help you develop your confidence in the 12-Bar Blues form

✅ Give you Soloing and Rhythm ideas up and down the fretboard.

✅ Equip you with playing ideas and techniques, including building your dynamics as well as call and response

✅ Cover Essential Scales for every Blues Situation

The 12-Bar Blues Survival Guide also includes PDF Resources and Jam Tracks to give you the tools you need to build your blues chops!

Survive Any Blues Jam!

Included in the course:

-Easy to Understand Lessons, With the Entire Course Designed to be Completed in One or Two Sittings

-Downloadable PDF Resources

-Backing Tracks Written Specifically For This Course

In addition, this course was built on Teachable, which means you can download the Teachable app on iOS and watch this course on the go!

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